Engine 1

Engine 1’s first apparatus was a 1928 Seagrave Suburbanite pumper.  It was purchased new and served until 1955.  It is currently in the hands of a collector, although we have lost track of its location.  (If you know where Engine 1 is, please email the webmaster.  It may be currently lettered for Lynnfield.)

In 1955, Engine 1 took delivery of a Ford Big Job/Wood Engineering 600 gpm pumper.  Wood Engineering was a local builder in Topsfield, MA.  The ’55 Ford served Engine 1 until 1980, when it was sold to the Civil Defense and re-designated Engine 7.  The ’55 continued to serve as Engine 7 until 1989 when Engine 7 was disbanded.  It was disposed of to a collector.

The third Engine 1, seen here and above, was a 1979 Ford F800/Edward G. Moody & Sons.  It carried a 1000 GPM pump and 500 gallons of water.  This one served until 2000. At that time it was badly in need of a pump rebuild and the department decided not to pour money into a gasoline-powered, manual-transmissioned, two-man cabbed apparatus.  Engine 1 v3.0 was sold and replaced with a used rig of more modern design.

Engine 1’s fourth rig was purchased used in 2000.  It was a 1985 Ford C8000/E-One 1000/500 which formerly served in Sudbury, MA.  v4.0 was admired for its small size and ability to carry a full crew almost anywhere.  It was condemned and removed from service in 2005 with dangerous amounts of rust on the frame.

Engine 1’s fifth apparatus was a 1984 Hahn HCP-12 on loan from the Georgetown FD for almost two years.  It was retired in June 2007 due to ongoing maintenance issues.

Engine 1’s current E-One Typhoon entered service in July 2009.  It carries the dedication ‘Charter Hose Co. #1’ in memory of the founding members of the RVFPA.