Engine 2

Engine 2 is RFD’s second motorized company.  Engine 2’s first apparatus was this 1936 Dodge/Maxim 250 GPM pumper/hose wagon.  The Dodge served in front line service until 1963, and in reserve until 1974!

In 1974, Engine 2 took delivery of an International//Worcester 450 GPM mini pumper, pictured above.  The mini ran first-due to all incidents until 1980.  With the delivery of Engine 1’s 1979 Ford, the IH was downgraded to specialty status.  It continued to run primarily brush calls until 1987.

In 1987, Engine 2’s 1974 International was converted to Forestry 2.  Department members removed the heavy mini-pumper body and replaced it with an aluminum utility body by Reading.  The pump was retained inside the body, and a plastic 300 gallon tank was fitted.  Forestry 2 ran in its new, slimmer incarnation until 2004.

Meanwhile, Engine 2’s 1936 Dodge returned to the fleet in 1984.  The ’36 now functions as the RFD’s ceremonial unit, being used for parades, funerals, and other public functions.