Firefighters’ Memorial Sunday 2015

“When I am called to duty, Lord,
wherever flames may rage. . .”

Firefighters, friends, and community members are invited to a Firefighters’ Memorial Sunday Remembrance Service on June  14, 2015 at 0800 hours at Fire Headquarters, 7 Hammond Street.

There will be breakfast and a church service following.

Please RSVP to the station by June 7.

375th Anniversary Parade

Come join us in celebrating Rowley’s 375th anniversary on Saturday, September 6, 2014!

All fire apparatus are invited to attend. Assembly will be at Didax, 395 Main Street at 10:00. Arrive early as 1A closes at 10:30. Judging and refreshments will occur before step-off at 11:00.

Please see the attached flyer for details.

Memorial Sunday

Firefighters’ Memorial Sunday services will be observed on June 8, 2014. Firefighters, members, and friends are invited to meet at the station at 0800. We will march to the cemetery for the service then return to the station for a hearty breakfast.

Please RSVP to Sharon Emery or use the signup sheet on the bulletin board as soon as possible.

Vote YES on 3!


In the fall of 2013, RFD Ladder 1 was condemned from service due to a structural defect. It was simply unsafe to climb.

So what? Doesn’t Rowley have a 35 foot height limitation?

Aerial ladder trucks are not only about height. They are also designed for reach. A modern aerial ladder allows safer access to second- and third-floor windows, easy access to roofs, and the ability to reach most chimneys in town. It also carries an assortment of portable ladders, tools, and equipment which is not carried on regular fire engines.

Why don’t we just fix the old one?

Repairing the current Ladder 1 is not cost effective. If parts can be obtained, which is not definite, the cost to install them is excessive. After the repair the town would still be left with a 29 year old truck. Another expensive failure could happen at any time.

What about another used truck?

In the past, used trucks have been a 7-10 year solution for the town. Ladder trucks have grown larger in recent years; if another suitable truck could be located it would be similar in age to the current Ladder 1. A new truck is projected to last 20 years.

For years the RFD has told us a new ladder truck wouldn’t fit in the current station. What has changed?

Simply put, manufacturers have noticed that there is a market for compact ladder trucks. Rowley’s position is not unique. E-One of Ocala, FL, the builder of Rowley’s current Engine 1 & Engine 3, has introduced a model which will fit in the station with minor renovations. The Fire Association has agreed to offset the cost of the necessary modifications.

So what will it cost?

Article 22 at Town Meeting and Question 3 at Town Election would authorize the town to borrow up to $735,000 to purchase a new ladder truck for the RFD. The average house would be taxed $73 in the first year, gradually decreasing to $64 in year 5. The cost of a single night out for a family of 4 could solve Rowley’s ladder truck issue for the next two decades.

It is also worth noting that the last bond issued for the purchase of Engine 1 expires this year. Part of the cost of a YES ON 3 vote would be offset by what taxpayers were already paying for that bond.

What if it doesn’t pass?

Rowley placed its first aerial ladder truck in service 41 years ago, back when the RFD was staffed entirely by volunteers and ran 1/10 of the calls we do today. The loss of Ladder 1 now would reduce the RFD’s rescue capability to pre-1973 levels.

The Board of Selectmen and the Finance Committee both support this purchase.




Ladder 1 out of service

Ladder 1 is out of service until further notice. It has developed major structural defects. Chief Broderick presented options to the Board of Selectmen, and they discuss it here:


There are currently 4 possible options:

1. Attempt a repair of the 28 year old truck.

2. Attempt to locate and purchase another suitable used truck.

3. Purchase a new truck.

4. Do nothing.

More information will be forthcoming as the situation develops.


9/11 Memorial Dedication

Please join us on Saturday, September 8, 2012 at 1:00 p.m. at the small park at the intersection of Cross Street and Pleasant Street for the dedication of an expanded September 11, 2001 memorial. The memorial honors the three Rowley residents who were killed on American Airlines Flight 11: Laurie Olsen Neira, James Trentini and Mary Trentini. The memorial is made from a piece of steel from the World Trade Center in New York City. State and local government officials will be speaking or preparing citations to be read at this dedication ceremony. All members of the community are invited to attend.

Brush Burning Safety

The annual burning season is here again. With the dry conditions and lack of snow this year, it is especially important to think SAFETY.

All fires require a permit and are subject to the rules printed on the back of the permit. Permits may be obtained from the RFD Communications Center located at the Police Station at 477 Haverhill Street. Burning may only be conducted between 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM on designated days.

All fires must be located at least 75 feet from any structure. Be especially aware of the hazards to sheds and other outbuildings. Keep your fire small. Adding material to a small fire is safer than lighting one large fire. Keep a water source handy. A hose is best as it has an unlimited supply of water.

Regardless of the weather report, if the wind picks up please extinguish your fire. Conditions can change, and a small fire can become a big problem very quickly.

NEVER leave a fire unattended. It WILL spread if you do; you can count on it.

Finally, keep a phone handy. If you have any doubts please call us at 911 or 978.948.3311. Any fire can grow out of control; every year it happens to someone. If you follow these simple guidelines you can reduce the chances of it happening to you.

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